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JR Wholesale Meats

JR Wholesale Meats prides itself on sourcing and processing only the finest quality and highest grades of beef, lamb, pork and chicken for its customers in hospitality.

Wilderness Lodge

With more than a century of history behind it, one of New Zealand’s most historic brands needs more than just its solid reputation to maintain its edge.

General Manager Craig Schroder said everything came to a halt across the company when the on-premises server died.

Fortunately, all data up to the previous evening was backed up. So Arthur Burke made the switch from an on-premises server strategy into the cloud.

While generally people go through life trying to avoid explosions at work, RedBull Powder requires them and, clearly, is a task that needs plenty of focus.
Worrying about support functions like IT isn’t always front of mind, so having a partner who does it instead is required.


Relevant information at the right time is critical for companies to help manage their business. Companies like Freightways, which provides a critical delivery pipeline throughout New Zealand, have never been more critical to consumers. As service expectations increase, new thinking is required to ensure they are met. Rapid access to information and customer data helps to drive that.

Wilderness Lodge

Wilderness Lodge used to rely on a satellite connection to provide a connection to the world, but with frustrating data and speed limitations. Then BTG came along.


“BTG isn’t afraid to be unique. They’ll find a solution to any need we have even if it’s outside typical best practice, because they know our business and understand what will work best for us.”

Christchurch Heart Group

“Right from the outset BTG understood what we needed. They worked with us consistently to break that down into projects that could be implemented without disrupting our business at all.” Managing director, Dr Iain Melton

NZ Couriers

At the heart of good logistics is great communication. When it became time for NZ Couriers to update their phone systems, they called on BTG to manage the project.

TKL Logistics

Outset Ventures has given some of New Zealand’s best innovators the opportunity to grow deep tech start-ups and linked to many others.

Fix Your Technology, Grow your Business, Local Support

A Tauranga based health provider had a communication problem. In fact, says their Chief Financial Officer, it was so bad the hard decision was made to post an apology on its website to explain that the phones did not work sometimes.

Cloud Solution

An SOS went out to BTG. Why couldn’t a large primary producer successfully rollout a new piece of software? The answer? Its all in the Cloud. Find out more below.

Holland Beckett
Working with Holland Beckett Law under lockdown conditions, BTG’s collaborative and proactive approach to IT saw the migration of 120+ staff into remote working in just 2 weeks.

D&H SteelD&H Steel used BTG’s Digital Distancing solution while the NZ’s lockdowns were in effect. BTG set-up a reliable, secure and high-speed network connection that makes remote working that much easier. 

Ultimate Care GroupA business critical data and VOIP migration looming, UCG couldn’t have this process negatively impact on the safety of their clients, nor the integrity of their 24/7 operation. They discovered that BTG were the safe hands they needed to deliver great results.

OBC Auckland
One fish. Two fish. Catch fish. Upload fish.
Always looking for ways to promote positive connections within our community, BTG agreed to help Outboard Boating Club (OBC) with their annual fishing competitions, but we had no idea the impact would have a ripple effect felt throughout South Auckland.

SanfordSanford’s IT infrastructure is mission critical. They work with BTG because they know their systems will stay up to date, be invulnerable to attack, and simply work.

Pan PacBTG partnered with Pan Pac to facilitate a seamless, company-wide migration to Office 365 in a timely manner without causing delay or downtime to this 24/7 operation.

When Hirepool wanted to accelerate a pathway for growth, an outsourced IT solution meant they could do just that. Having confidence in their IT service provider to build and support a system to manage expansion that saw a triple growth in 3 years scenario was paramount.

D&H Steel ConstructionD&H Steel chose to continually adopt new Citrix technologies for improved agility, dynamic productivity, and workplace fluidity due to superior technology, as well as a drive to continually improve functionality.

CropmarkWith staff in Australia, staff in various locations throughout the North and South Islands, and agronomists scattered around New Zealand, shifting to a cloud based platform has given leading Agri seed breeding and wholesale company, Cropmark Seeds, technology in the field.

Talbot Technology

Talbot’s 24/7 operation meant they needed an agile IT partner who could give them a comparative advantage in their market and ensure things ran smoothly.

Mike Greer Homes
Mike Greer Homes business was expanding faster than their IT could handle. They engaged with BTG to upgrade infrastructure, migrate servers, virtualise servers and instate robust disaster recovery and back up.

BlackwellsPost February 2011 earthquake, all three Blackwells companies and their respective IT systems had to be merged to one location. BTG engineers entered the red zoned and damaged Blackwells and Canterbury Mazda sites, collected all hardware and infrastructure, moved and organised internet feeds, and generally ‘made things work’ to minimise downtime.

Shore Care
24/7 facility Shorecare partner with BTG for reliability and exceptional skill in servicing their IT environment.

Western Bay Direct Council
“I’ve spoken to vendors, actual manufacturers and hardware distributors, and they’ve indicated that the BTG guys here are some of the experts in the country.”