“Compared to our previous experiences, the level of professionalism is certainly a lot higher. With BTG their solutions are more factual. They recommend a solution, and it works!”

Talbot Technologies came about through the amalgamation of world class technical injection moulder, Talbot Plastics, with innovative leader in technical thermoforming, Airform International. Today, Talbot Technologies take their customers through the design, development, and production of plastic solutions across a wide range of industries. Talbot supply both domestic and international markets, including the US, Japan, Singapore, and Australia.

We spoke with Cameron Rolls (CA), Finance Manager for Talbot Technologies about connecting with BTG…

“A lot of customers come to us, like Trimble (www.trimble.com), purely because they go to any other moulder around the world and they can’t get the sort of work done that they want from a technical and quality point of view. We have had that philosophy to take on projects that no-one else will take on and that’s how we developed a reputation for moulding the most technical stuff.”