Bringing connectivity where fibre and VDSL are unreachable

Connect Anywhere is BTG’s fixed wireless WAN. An innovative networking solution that provides connectivity in areas where traditional fiber and VDSL services are unavailable. It is particularly well-suited for temporary sites like portacoms and pop-up events in urban areas, as well as rural locations lacking fiber or VDSL infrastructure.

This solution represents a transformative technology delivering a private, secure, and high-performance network that caters to the complex demands of modern businesses.

Connect Anywhere empowers organisations to stay interconnected in a rapidly evolving digital landscape through 4G or 5G connectivity, whether it’s ensuring secure data transmission, prioritising critical applications, or enabling seamless communication.

Connect Anywhere


Seamless integration into existing BTG WAN and Merge Infrastructure

A versatile choice for businesses seeking to enhance their network stability, agility, and scalability.

4G or 5G network connection

Stay connected with unlimited data through 4G and 5G connectivity.

Remote connectivity solution

Ideal for temporary sites and rural areas that lack traditional fiber or VDSL infrastructure.

Key Benefits

Private Network

Often used to create a private network for a business. It’s ideal for connecting multiple locations or remote offices securely.

Quick to Deploy

Offers quick and easy deployment without the need for any cables or wired infrastructure.

Nationwide Coverage

Access to reliable Internet coverage and connectivity service in most parts of the country.


Our network is inherently more secure than public internet connections, as it operates on a private network or a dedicated network infrastructure which is less vulnerable to attack and are not accessible to the general public.


Experience reliable connectivity with our hugely sought-after Connect Anywhere plans, featuring either 4G or 5G network and unlimited data.

Choose from flexible contract options, including open-term, 12-month, 24-month, or 36-month term, all at affordable rates.

Connect Anywhere
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