Providing both endpoint protection response and next generation antivirus

Strong endpoint security is crucial for helping protect systems against cyber-attacks. An effective endpoint protection solution not only blocks known and suspected malicious software, but also identifies suspicious system and user activity. Our service leverages Crowdstrike, which uses artificial intelligence/machine learning, threat intelligence and identified patterns of attack to monitor detailed system activity for malicious behaviour and files.

Our cyber security team uses an automated alerting process to promptly investigate security detections, helping ensure that security incidents are remediated.

We are here to help you understand which specific modules and options best fit your businesses security requirements, including:

  • Industry leading malware and exploit detection and protection.
  • Full system telemetry search and threat hunting.
  • System and application inventory tracking and insights.
  • Security vulnerability discovery and reporting.
  • USB device visibility and protection.

Our Endpoint detection and response service provides the following benefits:

  • Endpoint Protection NZAdvanced malware protection: We leverage the Crowdstrike platform to identify and prevent new and evolving malware threats.
  • Few False-positives: The platform generates very little noise and our team monitors and tunes out confirmed false positives to reduce unnecessary alerts.
  • Automated detection triage: We leverage platform API integrations and automate triage and ticket creation to ensure risks are addressed in a timely manner.
  • Automatic deployment and policy auditing: Our team monitors client deployments, providing full system coverage and audits and maintains policies against best practice to ensure the best level of protection is maintained.

Supporting a wide range of common Operation Systems, our endpoint sensors operates within a cloud-centric infrastructure that provides a performant and scalable platform for managing Incident Response and Threat Hunting.

Our service is designed to provide comprehensive endpoint protection that detects and responds to both known and unknown threats in real time. With our team of experts managing and monitoring your endpoints, you can focus on running your business without worrying about cybersecurity threats.

Contact us to learn more about endpoint protection with our security experts.


Managed Service
We implement automated monitoring and response processes to ensure risks are appropriately mitigated, along with management and monitoring of update and protection policies.

We are proficient in deployment, platform management and operational and security monitoring. We have experts that understand the platform and can quickly answer questions about threats and help quickly remediate risk.

Industry Leading Protection from Crowdstrike
Advanced behaviour based protection using Indicators of attack as well as machine learning and static analysis to identify malicious code.

One sensor for all functionality.

Incredibly Low Resource Usage
Won’t slow systems down and impact users. This is especially key for companies that use traditional anti-virus, which is universally hated for slowing systems down.

Prompt Detection
Speed is of the essence when it comes to detecting and responding to security incidents. BTG leverages Crowdstrike to identify and respond to detections quickly. Crowdstrike provides the tools to prevent, investigate and respond to security incidents quickly and thoroughly.

Add-on Modules
We offer optional additional modules and always innovating and adding to the capabilities and features available to help improve the value proposition.


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