Trusted advice and independent quality assurance from specialist experts with plenty of experience

This is the strategic arm of of our service offering. Helping you and your team to make the best decisions moving forward with regard to:

  • IT, Digital, and Architecture strategy
  • Project planning, governance, risks and delivery
  • Digital transformation and enablement
  • Software development practice and tooling advice
  • Business change and process improvement.

BTG ConsultIT at a glance

  • The right information from the best people
    Trusted IT expertise, selected to suit your needs
  • Agnostic
    Our advice will always be in your best interests only
  • Outcome Certainty
    We agree what the finish line looks like and then we deliver
  • Quality Assured
    We independently QA the engagement approach and deliverables, as agreed with you
  • Knowledge base building
    We retain knowledge and records of work performed so we hit the ground running on future engagements