About BTG

BTG is about people – reliable, innovative, highly experienced and results driven.

Who We Are

We are BTG your Business Technology Group. We’re a New Zealand made, ICT solutions company started in 2001 by Kiwi engineers and innovators, Steve Harris and Neil Dwight, who thrive on helping businesses succeed with smart thinking and technology.

Since then, our company has now grown to over 80 staff and branches in Auckland, Hamilton, Tauranga, Christchurch and Sydney. Comprising of an experienced team of engineers with extensive hardware and software capabilities. Our client base includes 400 companies across various industries such as Hirepool, Rockshop and Howick College.

We believe in utilising our extensive knowledge and experience of IT to help take our clients’ businesses to the next level.

We take your complex IT issues and deliver best value business solutions


We believe that listening to your business needs first and foremost is the key to being able to support you in achieving better results. We see ourselves as your long term partner in improving your business by sharing our technical knowledge, so together we can execute a robust IT solution.

We are committed to seeing our partners achieve better business results and make a point of difference in the marketplace. Whether it’s maintaining your IT systems, organising complex structures, designing new solutions, or backing you up when you are down. We are very much a team of doers than talkers. To us, execution and exceptional service is everything. Because we invest highly in quality engineers and in our own systems, we have the technical prowess to architect high end solutions that could be game-changing for your industry.

We provide a full suite of services that will enhance your business processes and if it hasn’t been done before, we enjoy taking on the challenge. Our IT offering includes consulting, architecture and design, implementation and deployment, managed services and support. In IT language this includes Thin Client Computing, Security, Virtualisation, Networking, and IP Telephony.

Better business technology, better solutions that are cost efficient, within a reasonable budget that won’t break the bank, and works for you.

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