Security Camera System
Powered by NX Witness

NX Witness


With NX Witness you get reliable IP-based video surveillance perfect for all of your cameras across multiple sites. Never miss a critical moment with built-in intelligence and footage easily accessible across all major devices and operating systems.

Key Features

Easy to use

Get set up and configured quickly with an interface built for users. Zip through a months’ worth of archives in seconds using motion, events, bookmarks, metadata and time.

Ultra reliable

When every second counts, NX Witness safeguards against camera downtime using systems health monitoring and intelligent alerts for no single point of failure.

Lightweight pricing

Managed and secured in New Zealand, pay for a one-off license with a simple monthly fee for ongoing cloud storage and connectivity. There’s no need for expensive wiring installation or prerequisite software.

Why we recommend NX Witness

Built to be user-friendly with quick set up and little to no training required.

Search through a months’ worth of footage in seconds, anytime from anywhere.

Easily scalable, making it ideal for multiple sites, large buildings and lots of cameras.

Data stored and backed up here in New Zealand on our secure cloud platform.

Works with all major camera brands and instantly connects to 99% of IP-based cameras.

One-off system license fee which includes future software updates and releases.

Fast, lightweight app available for all major operating systems including Windows, OSX, Android and iOS.

Video surveillance at its most efficient

We chose to use Nx Witness ourselves, and our customers chose to buy Nx Witness – because it just works!

Talk to us today about easy video surveillance, powered by NX Witness.