Hybrid cloud NZ, Hybrid cloud Auckland, Hybrid cloud Tauranga, Hybrid cloud Christchurch

What is Hybrid Cloud?

Hybrid cloud or multi Cloud architecture is a combination of a private cloud and a public cloud like Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Microsoft Azure. A hybrid Cloud solution is having multiple applications or data in different clouds providing the best solution to each.

Some companies choose to rely only on a local Private Cloud network. Others rely on a Public Cloud network but with today’s technology we can utilise both options.

An example of a Hybrid Cloud solution we often see is a business storing archival data on a public cloud where access demands are limited. (As Public Cloud providers have a fee associated with data transfers). Other data/applications where speed of access is important could be stored on faster low latency NZ based private cloud.

Hybrid Cloud NZ, Hybrid Cloud Auckland, Hybrid Cloud Tauranga, Hybrid Cloud Christchurch, Hybrid Cloud Rangiora, Hybrid Cloud Rolleston, Hybrid Cloud Ashburton, Hybrid Cloud Timaru, Hybrid Cloud Oamaru, Hybrid Cloud Geraldine.Key benefits.

A hybrid cloud setup can use traditional systems as well as the latest cloud technology, without a full commitment to a single vendor. You can migrate workloads to and from your traditional infrastructure to the cloud whenever necessary.

Cost management.
The costs involved in managing and storing all your businesses data can be time consuming and add significant capital expense. A cloud solution fees are variable depending on use and an operational expense. Hybrid cloud users can choose to run workloads in whichever environment is the most cost-effective.

Agility and scalability. 
Hybrid cloud offers more resource options which are easier to provision, deploy and scale to meet demand spikes. Demand will never exceed capacity in the cloud.

Cyber security is vitally important to every business. While every effort must be made to protect and educate staff, attacks still do happen.  Having your data backed up to a private local cloud means no ransom needs to be paid, and your business can be up and running in a timely manner. Learn more about backup and disaster recovery.

Why choose BTG

Lower your computing costs
Shift capex to opex model. Competitive on pricing whilst maintaining integrity of output and service.

Better Data Centres
BTG select the best modern NZ data centres available. Sovereignty of data remains in NZ.

Kiwi owned
BTG are fully Kiwi owned and operated, we own contractual responsibility end to end, and provide a professional Service Level Agreement.

Trusted BTG reputation
High level technical capability and delivery. Gain a powerful platform for innovation.

No hidden costs
No surprises, a fixed monthly fee.

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