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Manage all your IT from one place

Our entry level managed service offering

Let BTG be your eyes and ears, and a watchdog of your systems. We monitor your IT infrastructure and quickly identify issues that need addressing before they escalate to outages.

Now with added proactive maintenance

All the benefits of MonitorIT, but with MaintainIT, as the name suggests, we incorporate proactive maintenance of your systems as part of the fixed monthly fee. You will no longer need to worry about patching, antivirus definition updates and standard equipment servicing as we do it all for you.

Our complete package!

A fully outsourced solution either using your own equipment or ‘the cloud’. ManageIT gives you the certainty of one fixed monthly fee for all your operational IT infrastructure support requirements, and the confidence of knowing that the combined experience of our 40+ engineers are looking after your systems.

A complete mobile device management solution.

It has specific features tailored to ensure that business data being accessed via cell phone or tablet is secure. MobileIT provides a comprehensive mobile security, device management and application management service.

Contact us to understand more about our Managed Services offerings

All BTG Managed Services include these three core services:

  • Dedicated Engineering Resource
    Technical support is provided by one of our teams of engineers who are specifically trained on your environment and systems. This means that you will be supported by the people who know your systems best = quicker resolutions to problems. This also enables a relationship to be built based on trust – putting a face to your IT support rather than a different contact each time.
  • System Monitoring
    IT assets such as servers, workstations, firewalls and routers are very complex machines. Too often problems are not picked up early enough and they escalate into outages. You get caught up in a reactive, rather than proactive situation. This is where BTG is different. We combine industry leading, best practice monitoring and management tools, with a dedicated team of specialists tasked with watching over and maintaining your systems.
  • BTG Helpdesk
    We understand our individual clients’ need to have one central point of contact where all IT issues can be directed. Our Helpdesk is that place!

With these 3 services at the core of our support offerings, your specific requirements will determine which managed service solution is best for you. Our solutions are tailored to suit every requirement and budget.