Zero Trust Networking

Enable Secure access without exposing your network

Zero Trust Network AccessOrganisations are seeking a safer and user-friendly way to enable remote work, as traditional network-centric solutions like VPNs and firewalls are vulnerable to attacks.

The solution lies in implementing zero trust principles for application access through Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA). This approach continuously verifies user and device identities and only grants access to necessary applications, improving security and user experience.

Fortinet’s ZTNA feature requires a FortiGate device and the FortiClient endpoint agent, providing secure access for both remote and on-premise users with polices enforced at FortiGate. The system verifies various factors to ensure secure access and employs top-tier security systems for threat protection.

Zero Trust Network Access


Flexible deployment

Deploy ZTNA in various ways whether hosted in BTG’s comprehensive IaaS cloud platform, MergeIT or in the data centre, public cloud (e.g., AWS, Azure), private cloud, hybrid solution, or a SaaS application (e.g., Microsoft 365, catering to organisations of all sizes.

Ongoing verification

Continuously verify user and device identities to prevent unauthorised access to applications, even after initial access has been granted.

Granular access control

Provide granular control over application access, allowing organisations to define who has access to specific applications, reducing the risk of unauthorised access to sensitive data.

Context-aware security

Make security decisions based on factors like user identity, device posture, and network location, providing access only when necessary.

Integrated security

Combine ZTNA with Fortinet’s other security solutions, such as firewalls and intrusion detection systems, for comprehensive application and data protection against various threats.

Key Benefits

Improve Security

Improve security posture by reducing the attack surface, preventing unauthorised access and minimising the risk of breaches.

Reduced Complexity

The solution simplifies network security management by offering a unified platform for access control.

Enhance User Experience

Simple and seamless experience when accessing applications as the solution does not require users to install or configure any additional software.


Suitable for businesses of all sizes.

Reduce Costs

Help businesses reduce security costs by eliminating the need for expensive VPN hardware and software.

Improved Agility

Quickly deploy and manage new applications and services in the cloud.