BTG StructureIT - IT infrastructure services

Build a solid foundation for your business to grow.

Server & SAN Private Cloud – secure, flexible and reliable

BTG offer secure, flexible and reliable Server & SAN solutions to meet your business needs. We source a range of products from leading industry vendors and can offer lower hardware acquisition and maintenance costs.

Virtualisation – reduce costs, enhance DR, and increase efficiency

Why virtualise? From the creation of dynamic and flexible environments, to automation, reduction of costs, enhancing DR, and increases in efficiency, Virtualisation benefits are far and wide, necessary, even imperative to enhance IT response to changing business requirements. Virtualisation is the pathway to private or public cloud. BTG have been delivering Desktop Virtualisation since the company opened its doors more than a decade ago.

Application Delivery – centralise and optimise

Application Delivery solutions enable organisations to simplify management of applications at remote sites by hosting critical applications within their main data centre and optimising WAN to reduce the latency of applications to their remote sites. BTG provide a strategy to ensure applications are delivered securely to users independent of location. Solutions benefit businesses by centralising the network, decreasing operating and management costs, postpone the need to upgrade WAN bandwidth, and by improving DR by speeding backups and data replication.

Microsoft-based Solutions – Certified Gold Partner

BTG is a Certified Gold Partner, and has extensive experience nationally on working with core Microsoft solutions from SMB to Enterprise.

VoIP – optimised to connect your team and save you money

Voice over Internet Protocol is basically “a phone service over the internet and other networks”. BTG have extensive experience, gathered over the last decade, with singular multi-site deployments.

Networking – high performance from SMB to Enterprise

Applications are delivered across networks. A key piece of the successful delivery of “the application” is a high performing network. BTG has experience in a wide range of networking technologies deployed from SMB to Enterprise. We’ll build your infrastructure just how you need it so you can focus on building your successful business.

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