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Let us help you breathe easy with a Cyber Security package that will provide the critical security measures your business needs to keep running smoothly. Here is what our security experts recommend.

MFAMake it hard for them to gain access

Multi factor Authentication (MFA) is one of the most effective ways to protect Internet-facing services from unauthorised access. It is best practice to remove all unnecessary services from the Internet and ensure all essential, remaining services use strong authentication.

Ensure your devices are protected

Attackers use sophisticated techniques to gain access to systems and networks and steal data. It is important to leverage modern endpoint security software that can identify and block malicious activity as well as malware files.

Secure your email

Email remains the most popular attack mechanism for malware, social engineering attacks and fraudulent requests. Common attacks include: Links to fake login sites to steal passwords; malicious attachments and using compromised business email accounts to steal money. Advanced email security helps prevent most threats from ever reaching your staff.

Train your staff

Attackers can target your staff with a range of different social engineering techniques and no security tool can stop all malicious emails. One of the best defenses is to raise awareness of key risks and understand what to do when you see something suspicious.
Phishing simulations raise awareness throughout your business and let staff practice the skills they learn. Training effectiveness can be tracked in comprehensive reporting.

Get your business assessed

Seek professional advice on security best practices. Get a review of your security controls and perform a password audit. These will all help your business to run smoothly.


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