When RedBull Powder is on the job there is no room for error. The South Auckland-based drill and blast company operates throughout New Zealand and offers services for quarries, mines, and construction sites across New Zealand and the Pacific Islands. This team of nearly 80 employees can never have a bad day at the office.

RedBull Powder’s core business involves designing blasts, drilling holes, making explosives, putting them in place and, ultimately, setting them off. While generally people go through life trying to avoid explosions at work, the RedBull team requires them and, clearly, this is a task that needs plenty of focus.

RedBull’s core business is about high precision and excellent health and safety – striving for excellence at work is a requirement. Worrying about support functions like IT isn’t always front of mind, so having a partner who does it instead is required.

Unfortunately, RedBull didn’t have that.