Howick College

“It used to take 45mins to upload payroll and it took 10mins today. Also the reports I used to run would take 5 to 10 mins, and now take only 30 to 60 seconds. The user base is noticing the difference.”

Simon Manson – Rockshop

D&H Steel
Elections Services

“Usually, you only hear about IT projects going horribly wrong, but this is one we should really be shouting about because it went so well.”

Rabindra Das – Bay Of Plenty Polytechnic

Talbot Technologies
Mike Greer Homes

“BTG are committed to what we are doing as much as we are.”

Judith Ofsoske – Director, Independent Election Solutions

ISS Facility Services

“We have enterprise level IT on a budget. We need a good partnership.”

Robert Douglas – Director of ICT, Howick College

Meadowbank School
Villa Maria Wineries
Western Bay of Plenty Council

“BTG wanted to understand our business before offering solutions. Their approach is proactive not reactive.”

Stephenie Quinn – Shorecare