Howick College

“BTG wanted to understand our business before offering solutions. Their approach is proactive not reactive.”

Stephenie Quinn – Shorecare

D&H Steel
Elections Services

“We have enterprise level IT on a budget. We need a good partnership.”

Robert Douglas – Director of ICT, Howick College

Talbot Technologies
Mike Greer Homes

“At last I’ve got someone who knows how to problem solve. BTG have always been there with whatever I need, whenever I need it and they’ll do it at a good price”

Lewis Hyauiason – Information Services Manager, NZL Group Ltd

ISS Facility Services

“It used to take 45mins to upload payroll and it took 10mins today. Also the reports I used to run would take 5 to 10 mins, and now take only 30 to 60 seconds. The user base is noticing the difference.”

Simon Manson – Rockshop

Meadowbank School
Villa Maria Wineries

“BTG are committed to what we are doing as much as we are.”

Judith Ofsoske – Director, Independent Election Solutions

Western Bay of Plenty Council