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Let BTG’s MergeIT be a one stop shop for all your IaaS needs!

MergeIT combines the benefits of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), and Software as a Service (SaaS) – via our well-established vendor partnerships. MergeIT offers our clients an inclusive package and full-service model of Cloud Computing. Fused together with our highly popular Managed Service product, Manage IT, clients gain the benefits of a cloud model of computing with high-level service offerings.

BTG have selected the most superior NZ data centres available. BTG own contractual responsibility for all of our services. We do not rent from a third party. When you enter into a contract with BTG, you receive the best technical expertise coupled with quality product. It is one thing to be sold a product, but if the product is not implemented properly, and carefully managed, it can end up being a real headache and costs associated colossal.

In New Zealand, Private Cloud is the most popular Cloud set-up. BTG have been building and operating this construct for the 10 + years it’s been in business. At BTG we see ‘The Cloud’ as a way of delivering fully automated, fully serviced, cost-effective IT through hosted services.

At BTG we provide complete outsourcing solutions to enable our clients to spend more time working on their businesses and less time bogged down with IT hassles and concerns.

Your specific requirements will determine which solution is best for you. Our solutions are tailored to suit every requirement and budget.

MergeIT Benefits

  • Lower your computing costs – shift capex to opex model. Competitive on pricing whilst maintaining integrity of output and service.
  • Data Centres – BTG select the best modern NZ data centres available.
  • Sovereignty of data remains in NZ.
  • Trusted BTG reputation – high level technical capability and delivery.
  • Gain a powerful platform for innovation.
  • No hidden costs or surprises – fixed monthly fee.
  • BTG are fully Kiwi owned and operational, we own contractual responsibility end to end, and provide a professional Service Level Agreement.
  • A NZ business dealing with NZ customers.

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