Why should you consider an OPEX model? What is all the fuss about?

It may seem like CAPEX and OPEX are only accounting issues in today’s Cashflow Is King efficiency plus business model. However, a greater understanding of the why behind shifting to an OPEX model will determine how competitive, effective, hardy and secure your business will remain in the future, and not just to the accountant.

Cloud Computing has to be one of the most talked about concepts in the IT industry today. Done well it has the potential to speed up services, store and access large volumes of data, protect IP, free up capital for innovation, and primarily, create and maintain an agile business platform. We like to think of the Cloud as being like the digital twin of physical assets.

“It’s always been the same in IT. Every new technology methodology, every new trend that comes out introduces a new set of challenges, and there are solutions to those challenges. This trend is massive. This one is global.” Steve Harris, Director BTG.

From our customer’s perspective, we’re essentially swapping a whopping six figure investment to a more manageable, consistent, easily budgeted monthly sum. It’s like that cup of coffee. You buy it, you drink it, it’s gone. You’re not expected to derive value from it for a decade.

If your budget is thin, a cloud solution can maximise it and get YOUR organisation the technology it needs. If your budget is notable, get intelligent about how YOU utilise it and mix and match a solution to suit YOUR business.

In the pursuit of Business Agility, consider these benefits:

  • Expand your workforce to any location – employ the best, regardless of where they live. It’s the future of business.
  • Staff out in the field? No problem. A nurtured Cloud environment will have you covered.
  • Scalability – do so quickly and cost effectively (up or down).
  • “Cloud Sprawl”, the challenge of too many clouds, and the uncontrolled proliferation of your organisation’s Cloud. Get back internal control and consolidate using the Merge|IT platform hyperlink.
  • Technology is always changing. Cloud agility allows your organisation to change with it.
  • Ease of revenue forecasting.
  • Only pay for what you use.
  • Connect multiple systems and customise to YOUR specifications – integrate systems and share data between them.

Information, data, and knowledge is the most valuable asset a business owns. It’s the diamond amongst the rubble.