BTG ConnectIT - WAN solutions

Transparent and flexible WAN solutions for dynamic businesses

Keep pace.
Stay in the race.

BTG offers the most trusted and competitive business WAN solution for customers featuring: end to end technical visibility, agility and flexibility, flexible transparent pricing structures, and minimal hold ups. Our single point of accountability appeals to dynamic businesses that require buoyancy in order to stay afloat in today’s competitive landscape.

“ConnectIT gives your business a premium service that’s both flexible and competitive with just one point of contact.”

We get the job done

BTG takes a proactive solution-oriented “get the job done” approach to the solutions we offer our customers. BTG has taken advantage of the huge investment the NZ Government is making in Ultra-Fast Broadband, packaging it with our unique personalised premium service offering – a real game changer.


ConnectIT delivers business WANs, providing UFB, VDSL, HSNS and a number of other connection options, plus flat rate international internet and virtual firewalls. It features end to end visibility for quick troubleshooting and resolution of problems with our trusted New Zealand business hours help desk.

ConnectIT at a glance

  • Flexibility
    Our terms are market competitive and we offer ‘try before you buy’** options from monthly to our popular 3-year contracts to customers.
  • Premium service and minimal delays
    We “get on with it” so you can too! We are responsive and effect change quickly. No more ISP help desk queues!
  • One point of contact
    An in-house BTG product eliminates supplier issues and allows customers to resolve issues quickly via “one phone call”.
  • A true One- Stop-Shop
    Combine with our package of solutions from, MergeIT, Disaster Recovery, Managed Services, Telephony, and more.

Our customers continue to enjoy more choice and strategic advice from our highly regarded consultants and engineers. Make the switch today!

**Not available for UFB Fibre Connections