Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks leverage various techniques to overwhelm internet facing services with huge volumes of traffic making them inaccessible.

DDoS attacks are often carried out by groups looking to profit through ransom demands issued to victims. Other motivations include activism, masking other malicious activity being performed against a target, and personal vendettas or agendas.

The impact of these attacks can vary from a short, inconvenient service outage to persistent loss of critical business services and capabilities, which may have direct, long-term reputational and financial impacts.

Effectively protecting against these massive distributed attacks often requires placing critical web services and infrastructure behind a large global infrastructure that can absorb and block huge volumes of traffic.

BTG has partnered with Imperva to help protect our clients with a suite of web security and performance features, including protection against DDoS and application-layer denial of service attacks.

Imperva’s global cloud network can process more than 65 billion attack packets per second, easily absorbing multi-gigabyte attacks. Application-layer threats are also mitigated by advanced algorithms that filter attack traffic, while passing legitimate traffic. This advanced infrastructure provides effective protection for websites, networks, application servers, DNS servers and individual IP addresses.

Imperva’s network of global, full-stack PoPs, including a New Zealand presence, has successfully defended clients against some of the largest attacks on record. Imperva also provides a guarantee, backed by an SLA, to detect and block any attack, of any size or duration, in three seconds or less. DDoS protection automatically blocks all assaults and does not require you to notify anyone that you are under attack.

DDoS cybercrime and web application attack techniques are an ever-changing threat landscape. Imperva tracks emerging attack methods and incorporates mitigations through machine learning to provide globally-learned, up-to-date security protection. 

DDoS activation can be completed in minutes by changing your website DNS settings, even when you’re under attack. No on-site hardware or software is needed and no changes to your hosting provider or applications are required. 

In addition to comprehensive, guaranteed, easy to implement DDoS protection, Imperva offers a complete suite of security solutions to secure your data and network, including WAF, bot protection, account takeover prevention, and API security

BTG is excited to partner with Imperva to help protect our clients through their global, advanced web security capabilities and constantly evolving feature set.

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