Installing a new 3CX phone system turned up some big wins for both Partners Life and BTG.

Matt O’Neill, General Manager IT Operational Support for Partners Life, said that BTG’s efforts have assisted by significantly improving the company’s Payments Card Industry (PCI) compliance with the delivery of an IVR orchestrated payments solution.

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Partners Life is a New Zealand operated company, recognised as industry leader in life and health insurance.

Their focus is on protecting Kiwi families and businesses. Their insurance products include life insurance, income protection, medical insurance, disability insurance, trauma cover and business risk protection.


“This has been a game changer for us, our compliance, our operational effectiveness and for the experience we are now able to offer the customer.”

A year ago Partners Life reviewed its position with its current platform and providers.

“We considered a number of options and settled on the 3CX solution offered by BTG. A big drawcard for us was that BTG were local and had a good reputation for support."

Work started and quickly enabled some fundamental changes for handling customers of the life risk management business over the phone. That included getting rid of desktop phones and moving the entire office of around 270 staff to soft phones (headsets linked to computer).

O’Neill says that assisted the business’s move to portability and more flexible ways of working. Remote working became a breeze.


“We then asked BTG to do a couple of things that were new to both of us.”

First was call tagging and categorisation. The new system allows Partners Life's agents to tag a call against the caller’s policy and then categorise it immediately while they are still on the call. This improved their ability to search for and retrieve calls.

“We also asked BTG to help us develop a PCI compliant payment solution that would enable payments to be made securely over the phone. This function allows a person to make a payment using a credit card or debit card, or to change the information about the card, while on the call."

All the transactions are at arms’ length. This is something that meets the global standard for handling credit or debit card transactions.

“While this is valuable for us it’s also valuable for BTG and would have to enhance the attractiveness of the 3CX platform for those who struggle with the PCI issue at present.”

Matt says sometimes it is only when you go with something new that you appreciate how important the delivery of your partners’ service proposition is and BTG is proving to be an excellent partner.

Tim Figgins, BTG’s Chief Technology Officer, says while developing the solution that enabled PCI compliance added complexity to the project, brain teasers are something he and his team relish.

“We have the resources and flexibility to be able to respond to things we discover in a project along the way. Give us a roadblock and we will find a way of removing it!”

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