Genevieve Hume-Cook laughs now. Looking back, the systems and IT manager for EnergySmart says the expectations she laid on BTG were a really “big ask”. “I thought two months would be heaps of time to put in a new phone system and roll it out across the country,” Genevieve says. “It turned out to be a major project that was more than just a phone system rollout. BTG not only finished on time, but also had a failsafe/backup for one of the branches that didn’t have fibre installed at the time."

“BTG’s team was professional, but easy to work with - and the back-up service is fantastic.”

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EnergySmart supplies and installs leading brands of home insulation, heating and ventilation. This innovative business has an established relationship with the Government to deliver its Warmer Kiwi Homes Insulation and Heating Programme. Established in 1999, EnergySmart is headquartered in Christchurch with seven branches throughout the country.


EnergySmart knew its decade plus old PABX system was at the end of its life and unable to keep up with the company’s growth and evolution. IT manager Genevieve Hume-Cook ploughed into her research and during the Level 4 COVID-19 lockdown she settled on the 3CX system. But she was not so certain about the company to supply it and provide ongoing service.

What tipped the work in BTG’s favour was the fact that the Kiwi company had feet on the ground in Christchurch, where EnergySmart has its headquarters.

“We like dealing face-to-face and working with people,” Genevieve says. “We met Nathan and the BTG team and knew that we could develop a strong working relationship.”

In fact BTG wrapped a big team around the project across the country to get the job done efficiently. Ted Ebbing, a BTG business development manager, says what started out as a replacement phone system became a project to also customise the 3CX system for call queues and to manage call flows. BTG was also contracted to provide their WAN and internet connectivity allowing the removal of handset phones and copper wire connections.


“EnergySmart’s team now work via their computers with a headset and using SIP (session internet protocols for telephony),” Ebbing says. “We took all the existing phone numbers and 0800 numbers (11 of them) and ported them across to the new system in the head office and branches.”

EnergySmart’s call centre team can also work remotely, knowing BTG is diligently managing security.

Genevieve says the new call flow system means that customers will now easily get through to the area of the business they are targeting.

“We have changed our customer service to better match demand,” she says.

Genevieve can easily train the customer service team on the 3CX system after BTG provided inhouse training for staff. This was recorded in video for ongoing training. Additionally Genevieve has had one-on-one admin/user training and always has access to BTG engineers for support.

“I knew what I wanted to happen and that the 3CX system would be ideal but BTG had to listen to me try to explain it all. Nathan has patiently helped me grow my knowledge. I know now that I had high expectations, but BTG’s team has delivered,” Genevieve nods appreciatively.

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