Simplify your IT! Modern IT requirements are constantly evolving, and Mobility is taking that shift to a whole new level. Most customers, whether corporate or educational, are looking to shift towards easy and reliable “anywhere” “anytime” solutions for greater productivity. Empowered employees help your organisation work at its best. Students alike will embrace the multidimensional style of learning offered via Mobility. BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) is the opportunity to make a real directional shift in the future of visual learning. MDM (Mobile Device Management) solutions that provide a secure and easily manageable IT environment are vital. Issues like connectivity, flexibility, and security become extremely important.

This is where BTG can help!

At BTG we are noticing our customers’ needs shifting within both the corporate and educational sectors towards a mobile environment. We’ve therefore developed solutions that provide full integration; including the necessary infrastructure, strong and solid wireless capability, simplification of the deployment of MDM, a virtualised environment, and our customers have access to a highly specialised pool of engineers. Costs are scalable and easily manageable.

BYOD as a Service to schools is a way of maximising and improving learning opportunities as well as creating and managing an environment with large numbers, and often a wide variety of devices. This shift in learning requires schools to have robust and reliable systems in place. BTG work closely with a number of schools in New Zealand to deliver lasting solutions.