What our clients have to say about us

EnergySmart logo

“I thought two months would be heaps of time to put in a new phone system and roll it out across the country,” Genevieve says. “It turned out to be a major project that was more than just a phone system rollout. BTG not only finished on time, but also had a failsafe/backup for one of the branches that didn’t have fibre installed at the time.

Partners Life logo

Installing a new 3CX phone system turned up some big wins for both Partners Life and BTG.

Matt O’Neill, General Manager IT Operational Support for Partners Life, says BTG’s efforts have assisted by significantly improving the company’s Payments Card Industry (PCI) compliance with the delivery of an IVR orchestrated payments solution.

Hirepool logo

BTG and Hirepool have maintained a healthy technology relationship for 16 years. Over that time they have never had a major spat. So when Hirepool told BTG it was undertaking a market assessment of its delivery of its full-service solution for the first time in several years, BTG sucked in a big, big breath...

Just how BTG responded to the challenge is one of the reasons Hirepool says it knows it has the right IT partner.

Blackwells logo

Customer service is what Blackwell Motors and its sister company Arthur Burke are built on, and having BTG as their IT partner with the same ethos makes for a great relationship.

Smart Marine logo

In addition to WAN & data storage, BTG has provided Smart Marine with NX Witness video surveillance. Five branches have ninety cameras running simultaneously - smoothly.

Holland Beckett logo

Working with Holland Beckett Law under lockdown conditions, BTG’s collaborative and proactive approach to IT saw the migration of 120+ staff into remote working in just 2 weeks.

D&H Steel logo

D&H Steel used BTG’s Digital Distancing solution to set-up a reliable, secure and high-speed network connection that makes remote working that much easier.

D&H Steel logo

D&H Steel chose to continually adopt new Citrix technologies for improved agility, dynamic productivity, and workplace fluidity due to superior technology, as well as a drive to continually improve functionality.

UCG logo

A business critical data and VOIP migration looming, UCG couldn’t have this process negatively impact on the safety of their clients, nor the integrity of their 24/7 operation. They discovered that BTG were the safe hands they needed to deliver great results.

Facteon logo

No longer operating under the umbrella of a parent company, Facteon partnered with BTG as they needed an external IT partner agile enough to help them grow, and compete in the fast-paced world of production plant robotics.

OBC logo

Always looking for ways to promote positive connections within our community, BTG agreed to help Outboard Boating Club (OBC) with their annual fishing competitions, but we had no idea the impact would have a ripple effect felt throughout South Auckland.

Sandford logo

Sanford’s IT infrastructure is mission critical. They work with BTG because they know their systems will stay up to date, be invulnerable to attack, and simply work.

Pan Pac logo

BTG partnered with Pan Pac to facilitate a seamless, company-wide migration to Office 365 in a timely manner without causing delay or downtime to this 24/7 operation.

Rockshop logo

Rockshop were unhappy with their 3rd party supplier of three years. BTG delivered a one stop shop solution that was cheaper, and have been solving problems before they arise ever since.

Sandford logo

With staff in Australia, staff in various locations throughout the North and South Islands, and agronomists scattered around New Zealand, shifting to a cloud based platform has given leading Agri seed breeding and wholesale company, Cropmark Seeds, technology in the field.

Election Services logo

BTG helped Election Services expand their operations from 6 people to 180 in a matter of days.

Talbot Technologies logo

Talbot’s 24/7 operation meant they needed an agile IT partner who could give them a comparative advantage in their market and ensure things ran smoothly.

Mike Greer Homes logo

Mike Greer Homes business was expanding faster than their IT could handle. They engaged with BTG to upgrade infrastructure, migrate servers, virtualise servers and instate robust disaster recovery and back up.

Shorecare logo

24/7 facility Shorecare partner with BTG for reliability and exceptional skill in servicing their IT environment.

Villa Maria logo

Villa Maria Estate Ltd has partnered with BTG to review its current ICT and T systems and architect a solution to it’s ICT and IT issues. Additionally BTG has been tasked with funding any proposed expenditure from within existing monthly spends. BTG has successfully completed this task.

Western Bay of Plenty Council logo

“I’ve spoken to vendors, actual manufacturers and hardware distributors, and they’ve indicated that the BTG guys here are some of the experts in the country.”